The Chocolatiers are a homemade chocolatier company, based in Jozi. There is an old school craft to making chocolate by hand, and this is precisely how we make our chocolate. It is slow food, it is steeped in tradition, we take our time to hand make every chocolate with love, to perfection. A mother and daughter chocolatier team, we believe in delivering to our customers chocolate for connoisseurs. The Chocolatiers ethos lies in our value of both people and planet. People need to know what they are buying, where it comes from and who they are supporting. We use finest Belgian chocolate, so that we can bring to you chocolate fairly sourced, placing value on the chain of people from the farmers to the pickers.

Our flavours are all natural – no fake colourants or flavourings here. We use real berries, real lemons and chillies and real coffee, and for this reason our chocolates are fresh and preservative free – just as all good, slow, fresh food should be! Where possible, our inclusions are organic and certified. So what differentiates us from other artisanal chocolatier companies - no machinery.

Here's to many happy mouthful's. 

With love,

Ann & Mel,

The Chocolatiers.