The Chocolatiers are a hand crafted chocolatier company, based in Johannesburg, South Africa. We live in a world which moves at the speed of sound and realize that we can make your life a little easier. We take the hassle out of gifting or giving yourself a treat. Shop online and we'll deliver exquisite handcrafted chocolate, beautifully wrapped, with your handwritten message. We use the finest Forest Alliance and UTZ certified  chocolate, so that we can bring to you chocolate fairly sourced, placing value on the chain of people from the farmers to the pickers. Local, ethical, Proudly South African and convenient.

Our flavours are all natural – no fake colourants or flavourings here. We use real berries, real lemons and chillies and real coffee, and for this reason our chocolates are fresh and preservative free – just as all good, slow, fresh food should be! Where possible, our inclusions are organic and certified. 

Here's to many happy mouthful's. 

With love,

Ann & Mel,

The Chocolatiers.